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  1. 1Intro to Technical Analysis
  2. 2Intro to Chart Patterns
  3. 3Volume, Moving Averages, and Highs n' Lows

Introduction to the Pack

Learn how to identify and read four different kinds of stock charts with Investing Teacher. This course is designed to teach you the basics of stock charts so that you can identify trends of all shapes and sizes. Trading stocks is all about volume and timing and that’s where we come in. Master the basics of moving averages, breakouts, breakdowns, channels and gaps to interpret the motivations of institutional investors and create the ultimate portfolio.

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Intro to Technical Analysis

Learn how to identify and read the four common chart types used by investors today and in the past, as well as how to accurately find resistance to prevent making common investment mistakes. Also learn how to identify trendlines of all shapes and sizes: horizontal, vertical, long term, short term, etc. This course is an introduction to support and how it not only impacts but also shapes trends.

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  1. 1 Chart Components Start Course
  2. 2 Chart Types
  3. 3 Resistance
  4. 4 Trendlines
  5. 5 Support

Intro to Chart Patterns

Learn how to identify stock chart breakouts and breakouts as they are a powerful piece in timing individual stocks as well as the overall market. This course is a walk through of gaps, how they form, what causes them most often, and how they can single handedly make or break a portfolio. Also, learn how to identify a variety of channels on a stock chart and find out why they are the most widely used chart pattern in technical analysis.

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  1. 1 Breakouts Start Course
  2. 2 Breakdowns
  3. 3 Channels
  4. 4 Gaps

Volume, Moving Averages, and Highs n' Lows

Learn why volume is critical to successful investing alongside interpreting the actions of institutional investors. This course is a walk through of moving averages, why they are so important, and how they are used to identify short, intermediate, and long term trends. Learn the basics of what it means when a stock hits new highs and lows on an intra-day, weekly, 52 week, and all-time basis.

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  1. 1 Volume Start Course
  2. 2 Moving Averages
  3. 3 Highs and Lows


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