Building Your Career

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Here's what you'll learn:

  1. 1Choosing a Career Path
  2. 2Finding Your First Job
  3. 3The Employment Contract
  4. 4Dealing With Unemployment

Introduction to the Pack

Building your career is no easy task. There are tons of options available and you’re not even sure what kind of position you’re qualified to fill. Maybe you want something better than your current job but you just cant put your finger on what it is. Your career is more than just a collection of jobs. It is a unique path of learning that shapes your life through payment and experience. Take the first step and start building your career.

4 Courses

Choosing a Career Path

A career is a marathon, not a sprint. If you’re running around trying to figure out the right path to take, think long term. This course will help you determine your passion and skills, where they overlap, and how to deal with the ups and downs of your life’s work.

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  1. 1 Introduction Start Course
  2. 2 What Career is Right For You
  3. 3 Stay in School
  4. 4 Do What You Love
  5. 5 Co-ops and Part Time Jobs
  6. 6 Volunteering
  7. 7 Continuing Eductation

Finding Your First Job

So how do you get a job when even entry level positions require at least 2 years experience? Are your attempts to find gainful employment are fruitless? The job market is tough. But we have the right tools to help put you in the right place at the right time. This course is the guide to getting your foot in the door and your career on track.

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  1. 1 Introduction Buy this Course
  2. 2 Who's Hiring?
  3. 3 Networking
  4. 4 The Resume
  5. 5 The Cover Letter
  6. 6 The Interview
  7. 7 Getting Started at Work
  8. 8 Don't Give Up

The Employment Contract

Every job has an employment contract. These are the rules of the employer-employee relationship. This course will teach you what rules to watch out for and how contracts can shape your career path.

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  1. 1 Introduction Buy this Course
  2. 2 Verbal Contracts
  3. 3 Non-compete
  4. 4 Asking for a Raise
  5. 5 Where Your Pay Goes
  6. 6 Vacation and Sick Days
  7. 7 Work Related Injuries
  8. 8 Working on Contract

Dealing With Unemployment

The average person can expect to keep a job for 4.4 years, and that number is trending lower. The reality of today’s job market is that periods of unemployment happen frequently as a people change it up every few years. Unemployment is a stressful time for everyone. This course will teach you how to get through to the next step in your career.

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  1. 1 Introduction Buy this Course
  2. 2 Employment Insurance
  3. 3 Back to School
  4. 4 Stay Active
  5. 5 Be Frugal
  6. 6 Keeping a Routine
  7. 7 Know Your Worth
  8. 8 Conclusion


Ryan Hops

Wall Street Survivor

Former hedge fund analyst in Hong Kong, Ryan joined Wall Street Survivor in 2008 to help build the next generation of financial education.

John M.

Course Taker

This is beautiful! In the long term this will change the economy.