Investing like The Greats


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  1. 1Investing Like Warren Buffett
  2. 2Investing Like Peter Lynch
  3. 3Investing Like Philip Fisher

Introduction to the Pack

Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham… These names are famous for a reason. They belong to some of the world’s best investors. These courses will show you just how they did it, and give you the tools and strategies so that one day YOU can have a course of your own!

3 Courses

Investing Like Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is the undisputed champion when it comes to investing. Learn how the master picks his investments in this course.

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  1. 1 Introduction, Success, and Berkshire Hathaway Start Course
  2. 2 The Buffett Strategy
  3. 3 Buffett’s Famous Investments
  4. 4 Economic Moat
  5. 5 Investing in Stupid Businesses
  6. 6 Old Boys Club No More
  7. 7 Key Ratios
  8. 8 Quiz

Investing Like Peter Lynch

Not everyone can take an $18 million fund and turn it into $14 billion in just 13 years. But Peter Lynch can, beating the S&P 500 in 11 of those 13 years. Learn the basics of his investing philosophy in this here course.

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  1. 1 Background Start Course
  2. 2 Lynchian Strategy: Do Your Research
  3. 3 Famous Investments
  4. 4 Bottoms Up!
  5. 5 Getting “One Up On Wall Street”
  6. 6 Once Upon A Time...
  7. 7 Invest in Success

Investing Like Philip Fisher

Philip Fisher is the pioneer of growth investing. Learn the fundamentals of his investing strategy in this course.

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  1. 1 The Birth of Growth Investing Start Course
  2. 2 Grow Baby Grow!
  3. 3 Famous Investments
  4. 4 Invest for the Long Haul
  5. 5 A Few Good Stocks Are Better Than Many Mediocre Ones
  6. 6 Get Comfortable With Management
  7. 7 Key Ratios


Ryan Hops

Wall Street Survivor

Former hedge fund analyst in Hong Kong, Ryan joined Wall Street Survivor in 2008 to help build the next generation of financial education.

Thoms P.

Course Taker

Many thanks for making this an enjoyable route towards my investing goal!