Understanding the Economy


Here's what you'll learn:

  1. 1Economics 101
  2. 2What is Inflation?
  3. 3Introduction to Economic Indicators
  4. 4What are Interest Rates?

Introduction to the Pack

How does this complex financial world really work? Economics class was never that fun, but these courses will walk you through the structures of our global economy with a bit more wit than your professors did.

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Economics 101

It’s time to learn the basics of how our economy works.

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  1. 1 Introduction Start Course
  2. 2 The Basics
  3. 3 Why Prices Move Up and Down
  4. 4 Why Some Prices Move More than Others
  5. 5 Macroeconomic Effects
  6. 6 Conclusion
  7. 7 Quiz

What is Inflation?

This course breaks down the concept behind one dreaded word: inflation.

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  1. 1 Introduction Start Course
  2. 2 What is Inflation?
  3. 3 How does Inflation Affect me?
  4. 4 Combating Inflation
  5. 5 Conclusion
  6. 6 Quiz

Introduction to Economic Indicators

In this course, we’ll take you through some of the most common economic indicators (and a few bizarre ones), and how they can be used to measure the performance of the economy.

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  1. 1 Introduction Start Course
  2. 2 Investment Indicators
  3. 3 Real Estate Indicators
  4. 4 Consumption Indicators
  5. 5 Fear, Inflation and Uncertainty
  6. 6 Country-To-Country Indicators
  7. 7 Using Indicators
  8. 8 Quiz

What are Interest Rates?

In this course, we’ll explain what interest rates are, why they move, and what the resulting impact is.

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  1. 1 Interested Yet? Start Course
  2. 2 How Do Interest Rates Work?
  3. 3 Impact of Interest Rates on Stocks
  4. 4 Impact of Interest Rates on Mortgages


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