Putting Your Money In The Market


Here's what you'll learn:

  1. 1Goal Setting
  2. 2Behavioral Finance
  3. 3Professional Vs Do it Yourself Investing
  4. 4Investor’s Toolbox
  5. 5How to Choose a Broker
  6. 6Investing Your First $5000

Introduction to the Pack

Ready to invest real money in the stock market? This course pack is meant for the new investor who’s ready to take the leap into the real stock market. You’ll learn the do’s and don’t’s of investing, how to control your emotions and make financial decisions based on reasoning, and how to create your first $5000 portfolio.

6 Courses

Goal Setting

Before you invest your hard earned cash into the market, you need to identify what your goals are. Read this course to learn how to properly set your goals.

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  1. 1 Before anything, goals Start Course
  2. 2 Make time work for you
  3. 3 Let’s talk about your career
  4. 4 Figure out how long you’ll work
  5. 5 Invest your way to a successful retirement
  6. 6 Get started on your financial goals
  7. 7 Quiz

Behavioral Finance

Investors, like all people, are driven by psychological forces. Why do investors make the decisions that they do? This course will explain why.

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  1. 1 Irrationality Start Course
  2. 2 Neuroeconomics
  3. 3 Availability and Confirmation Bias
  4. 4 Anchoring Bias
  5. 5 Social Proof and Mental Accounting
  6. 6 Effects of Irrational Behavior
  7. 7 How to Limit Irrational Behavior
  8. 8 Quiz

Professional Vs Do it Yourself Investing

Whether you’re investing on your own or using a professional, here are some helpful hints and tips to consider.

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  1. 1 What to Consider Start Course
  2. 2 What is a Stockbroker?
  3. 3 What is a Financial Planner?
  4. 4 How to Find the Right Investment Advisor?
  5. 5 Start Your Search
  6. 6 Going At It Alone
  7. 7 Getting Started with DIY Investing
  8. 8 Quiz

Investor’s Toolbox

It’s a new world out there. The web has brought us hundreds of new financial tools to help maximize our investing potential. Here are few tools you need to add to your toolbox.

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  1. 1 Financial Planning Start Course
  2. 2 Online Planning Tools
  3. 3 Portfolio Aggregators
  4. 4 Track News Flow
  5. 5 Asset Allocation
  6. 6 Mutual Funds and ETFs
  7. 7 Individual Stocks
  8. 8 Quiz

How to Choose a Broker

Your journey into the real world of investing begins with choosing a brokerage.

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  1. 1 Wall Street, here I come! Start Course
  2. 2 Before You Make The Call...
  3. 3 Types of Brokerages
  4. 4 Know Yourself
  5. 5 The Right Broker for your Investment Style
  6. 6 Some Real-Life Brokerages

Investing Your First $5000

You have a good grip on the fundamentals of investing and feel ready to dip your toes into the market. How do you get started? What and when should you buy? It’s time to tie together all the investing fundamentals you’ve learned thus far and formulate a plan for putting your money to work.

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  1. 1 Let's Get Started Start Course
  2. 2 Determining Your Style
  3. 3 Identifying and Monitoring Your Target Stocks
  4. 4 Time To Go Shopping
  5. 5 Ongoing Monitoring
  6. 6 Sample $5000 Portfolio


Ryan Hops

Wall Street Survivor

Former hedge fund analyst in Hong Kong, Ryan joined Wall Street Survivor in 2008 to help build the next generation of financial education.

Mike L.

Course Taker

This is AWESOME! You guys really did a fantastic job allowing a college student like myself grasp the complexities of the stock market in a fun and interactive manner.